Railway Projects south africa

Universal Turnouts

To date three universal turnout contracts have been completed for SARCC in the Pretoria region.

1:4.5 Scissors Crossing

Ramutsa RailRamutsa Rail cc were the contractors for the installation of the scissors crossing turnout to the west of Koedoespoort station which was installed in September 2006.

It might not have been the longest, but in terms of weight, this scissors crossing was the heaviest single item ever constructed and installed with the use of manual labour in African rail history.

The turnout was installed and commissioned in 63 hours from start to finish – 11 hours less than the time allocated by Metrorail. This was due to careful planning and work by Ramutsa Rail’s dedicated team.

The final product was 80m long and 6m wide. The width is made up of 4 x 1:9 flexi-turnouts plus a 1:4,5 diamond crossing in the centre.


Removal of Check Rails. Installation of concrete sleepers and new rail

Ramutsa Ramutsa Ramutsa Ramutsa

An ongoing project for SARCC in the Pretoria region over a 24 month period. 80% of the project was completed during the first six months.

The project consisted of the following:
Long welded rail on universal concrete sleepers with spacings of 500mm on steep curves. Has replaced the previous 36m lengths of rail. Originaly joined by means of fish plates and placed on timber sleepers with spacings of 700mm and checkrailed.


Private Sidings

Rehabilitation and maintenance of approximately 130km of track throughout the country.